Our company can provide you with just about any type of furniture, upholstery, leather, mechanism and wood repair services that you may need.
We take in consideration that people are constantly in contact with the furniture in the hotel, causing the furniture to become worn and begin to become damaged over time, hardware gets loose, upholstery stained, finishes discolored. Our technicians are skilled enough to deal with the worse of situations. We make the majority of items that are in need of repair to look brand new to the best of our ability. Our company should not be under estimated with the work that we can provide you with. The possibilities of what we can repair are endless! Stairwells and elevators could become damaged and could be a difficult place to be repaired. If you are working with us then you can feel free to let go of any worries or doubts you may have! We can and will get the job done and bring life back into your furniture. We have worked with many high end hotels and they were all satisfied with the work we have provided for them, so we can provide as many references as you may require. You can see a few examples of the work we have done in the gallery that is listed in the menu above or you can visit one of our web sites to read feedback .
We can handle anything. If something is not listed you can call us or send in a service request and we will do our best to accommodate any service you may require.

Our local service areas are:  New York (NYC – Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx) Westchester, Rockland, Upstate NY, Long Island), New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Florida (Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, Jacksonville), Rhode Island, Massachusetts (Boston Metro Area), Wisconsin, Illinois (Chicago Metro Area), Texas (Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth), California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose).

For any other locations please contact us, we may be able to assist.

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